Find your 3 Year Vision.

craft a 12 Month RoadMap.

Make it happen.

Find your 3 Year Vision.

craft a 12 Month RoadMap.

Make it happen.

An Online Course for Clarity

Roadmap Your Life is 8 interactive modules that will help you craft a vision and an action plan for the next 3 years in your key life areas.

So you can design a life that leverages your strengths, aligns with your values and reflects your deepest potential; with a focus on delivery, accountability and massive action.


3 Year Vision


5 key life areas


12 Month RoadMap

What’s Inside

8 Online Modules

18 Interactive Sessions

60+ mins of video tutorials

17 Dynamic Playsheets

RoadMap Your Life Highlights

Your course overview


Map where you are now so you can measure your progress and know exactly where you want to go.


Find what makes you great by leveraging your strengths, living your values and claiming your unique life experience.


Get the power questions to reveal your 3 year vision. Living the experience of your ideal day.


Learn how to create this powerful accountability tool for a vision you can see.


Go from design to build as we dive into your stretch goals and your RoadMap of aligned action.


Find your reason for doing what you do. Your Why for you and Why for the world.


Become friends with fear and overcome self doubt, learning to choose the inner mentor over the inner critic.


Get your accountability strategy in play to check in, update and realign your journey with dynamic quarterly stand ups.

5 Reasons to Dive into RoadMap Your Life

Reason 1: Clarity is a process.

Clarity is a by-product of action. You cannot ‘think’ your way to clarity you must take action. This course give you an action framework from clear self knowledge.

Reason 2: There are reasons for feeling stuck

When we take action to make change we experience forces that stop us. From the pesky voices in your head to lethargy and fear. Knowing how to work with these as they arise can make all the difference.

Reason 3: It’s time to ask the big questions

Life gets noisy and there are so many things outside of you requiring your attention. Creating the space and time to ask the big questions honestly and getting clear on your answers puts you ahead of the game.

Reason 4: Deep down you know

Something students tell me all the time is “I already knew what I wanted but I was too afraid to listen.” If you have that deep down feeling that there is something more perhaps it’s time to take a look.

Reason 5: You have something cooking inside of you

You have an idea but you feel unsure and you’re looking for a framework to develop and take action. RoadMap your life will help you with a solid structure to take idea to action.

How does this work?

How you discover your 3 year vision & 12 Month RoadMap of Action

8 Online Modules

Across 18 Sessions that will reveal your 3 year vision and 12 Month RoadMap of action.

Over 60 Mins of Video tutorials

In perfect bite sized portions for the optimum learning experience.

Immeditate Lifetime Access

Full immediate access as soon as you enrol so you can learn the way you want.

Dynamic Editable PlaySheets

Where the rubber hits the road, download the PlaySheets and edit them digitally.


Learn your way & on the move

Optimized for mobile and Ipad so you can learn on the go.

Track your progress as you go

Use the dynamic tracker functionality to track your progress. When you complete each module a gold star magically appears!

For a limited time…

Get your questions answered by me!

Post your questions as comments below the session module and I will personally answer your questions promptly with my coaching insights.

About Sarah

Sarah is a speaker and workshop facilitator on a mission to inspire individuals and organisations towards their purpose and authentic goals.

A Coach, Journey Practitioner and Certified Trainer Sarah has a 10-year digital background spanning Advertising, Tech and Media having worked with household brands from the Arts, Not for Profit, Corporate and Tech.

Sarah brings a unique blend of strengths, emotional intelligence and coaching with business strategy and tech methodologies. Working with the tools of mindfulness, VIA Strengths, NLP, design & software methodologies, human motivation and Design Thinking.
Sarah teaches frequently for General Assembly, Comber St Studios and a wide-range of professional organisations and companies.